Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sean Falyon-"Inside Her" video

Check out this fly new video from the homie Sean Falyon. This track "Inside Her" is the second video/single from his collaborative project Mr. Falyon meets SMKA that I put ya'll onto earlier this year (go peep that if you haven't yet).

I really dig the new age pschyadelic angle they took with the vid and the homie Sophe Nix looking kinda nice in there too. The vid was shot and edited by Diwang Valdez (1/3 of Motion Family) and a cat named Kombo Ch.

Be on the look out for Sean as he's going to be performing in NYC at the Leaders of the New Cool showcase on September 30th as well as at the A3C Festival in October in Atlanta.


Баян said...
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Баян said...

the joint is nice in audio, just yesterday was listening to his EP, the vid's boring tho