Friday, September 4, 2009

Social Stimulant at 595 North [Free Drinks + No Cover]

I've been trying to tell ya'll about this spot for some weeks now, if you're still sleeping thats on you. But fall through 595 North (that's the address too) for the most recession friendly gathering you're going to find in the city. Free drinks, no cover, no dress code, no catch, no nothing. Just show up with your ID and few dollars to tip the bartenders and you're cool. Literally, you can go in there with $5-$10 and drink like a champ. The music they play is great too by the way. Fellas...ladies be in full effect in here as well. Crazy, everybody be asking me "how do they make money?" Man, who the hell cares, just come through and have good time.

The No Cover = Free Drinks deal goes down from 6-9pm. It don't be over crowded and they don't hold the line, so you're good. But I will say, go ahead and get there sooner than later, because I have noticed that they've shaved the time down each week they've had it. The first week it was 6 to 10...then it was 6 to 9:30...and now its 6 to 9. So ya'll need to go ahead and get up on this before it gets down to 6 to 7pm. See ya'll there.

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