Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Q-Tip Explains Kamaal the Abstract

Today Q-Tip is finally releasing his delayed/shelved/damn-near-mythical album Kamaal the Abstract. The experimental album was origally supposd to come out around '01-02 and after hearing "Blue Girl" for the first time, man, I had $15 set aside in my measly college student budget in anticipation of this album...but it never came out.

He said it was because LA Reid an'nem at Arista Records were weary of releasing it because it didn't have a "single" and decided to shelve it. I rememeber reading The Source around this time and they ran a double feature on both Q-Tip and Cee-Lo (who had just released his first solo album) talking about how both of them were going out on a limb releasing these types of albums. Ironically, both of these gentlemen were on the same label. I guess Ceelo got to put his out because he had a "single" in the form of "Closet Freak" and LA already knew him...i guess.

But yeah, I was able to find Kamaal the Abstract on the internet back in 2006 and man, that shit was dope as hell. Its grown legs and walked out of my car multiple times (I know who ya'll are). But, I'm glad to see that the album will actually see the proper release that it deserves. If you haven't heard the album before, please check it out.

Oh yeah, stop by By Any Means TV to see clips of Q-Tip speaking on the meaning behind a few of the songs.

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