Monday, September 28, 2009

SNL: Grady Wilson's Burning Up the Bedsheets

I'm sorry, but I found this to be mildly amusing. I don't watch Saturday Night Live like I used to, but they're still good for a laugh here and there. Plus, its cool that Atlanta's own Kenan Thompson is doing his thing. The skit is basically about an old ass man with a DVD teaching you different sex positions, on some ol' Clarence Carter shit. It actually started trailing off when they added Megan Fox into it, but its still funny me at least. I'm gonna try "The Skydiver" one of these days.

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The Fearless Oshun said...

I totally agree. It was hilarious until Megan Fox came into the picture.

I guess she didn't want to get freaky with the big black dude, who knows.

But I love Grady Wilson. I want MORE!

I'm glad he got two skits that night. Good for Keenan.