Friday, September 4, 2009

Random Jam [The "Good Life" edition]: Too Short x Blu x Kanye West

Too Short-"Good Life" (1998)

"You betta get you're sh*t together you running out of time/Something on your mind, you need to stop lyin'"

Blu & Exile-"Show Me the Good Life" (2007)

"F*ck the jewels, I think my soul glows bright enough, and f*ck whips, I learn more when I ride the bus/F*ck gold, its bad enough that we fight for bucks, and f*ck hoes, I need a wife to love"

Kanye West feat. T-Pain (prod. by DJ Toomp)-"Good Life" (2007)

"Having money is not everything...not having it is."

You know how these random jams go. The thought of living the "good life" drifted into my head just now and these three songs came to mind. Where is Blu by the way?


Jay said...

Blu just put out an instrumental EP last week. I haven't heard a track with him spitting in a minute tho.

August said...

Blu's been around. Did you hear last year's Jonson & Johnson? And I've heard him on a couple guest verses this year. I think he's working on his Warner debut.

TC said...

Faith Evans' "Good Life" makes me wanna put on roller skates, no Bow Wow.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, dope blog. Just had a quick request:

I was looking for some info on Tony Draper/Suave House and ran across your XXL article (, however the link to the full interview is dead. I would really appreciate if you could forward a copy of it to me at

Thanks in advance.

- David 32X

Anonymous said...

Heh, nevermind -- I found it in your archives.

Good interview bruh.

-David 32X

Andrew Barber said...

2Pac - "Good Life"

I think Big Syke is on it.