Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gabriel Hart x Fat Joe x Boo Rossini

Just showing love on some two degrees of sepraration ish right quick. I interviewed video director Gabriel Hart for Ozone recently and within the last two weeks he's had two of his creations Fat Joe's "Hey Joe" and Boo The Boss Player's "I Stop I Quit" hit the web and mash...

So I figured I'd share Joe's video as well as Boo's seeing as how I just wrote Boo's new bio as well.

Crazy, since I've been following Boo since he was Boo the Boss Player back in '96-'97, it felt like I already knew buddy's story...I was kinda wrong, that dude has been through hell and hella inconveniences, so I'm not mad at him still doing his thing.

Also, here is the Gabriel Hart interview...

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