Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pill-"Glass" video

Here is Pill's latest video for his single "Glass." Again, Pill has come with a video that does all of the talking itself. This time shot by Zach Wolfe, the video revisits the same two blocks that you saw in the now infamous "Trap Goin Ham" video, but this time with a different and more somber perspective. The video also debuted on MTV Jams today.

Be on the look out for Pill's follow-up mixtape 4075: The Refill. I've heard it and I have to tell you its an even stronger doseage than 4180: The Prescription, for real.

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TimW said...

With "Trap Goin' Ham", I was torn between realism and some hilarity from some of the rap lyrics such as "We got pies flying out". However, with this video, I am completely blown away from the quality, tactfulness, and thoughtfulness of Pill's approach. It's visually stunning/engaging while hitting pretty deep.