Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mike Posner-"Drug Dealer Girl" (Live at LIFE in Atlanta)

Last Thursday was very interesting for me. My night started on Peters St at a fashion mixer where I saw dudes walking around in designer high heels "eeeeeeeuuuccckkkk" (c) Pusha T...then I wound up at a Emory party...then I wound up in the trap in the 4th Ward. I saw every facet of Atlanta living in the span of six hours. Nothing like my city...

But yeah as far as this video...I had my own footage of this show on my Flip cam but haven't gotten around to uploading it. And since Motion Family's super cameras blow my sh*t out the water I'll just use theirs. But anyways, I fell through this show last week with the homies Derek and Pill. I learned a lot about race relations and behavior at this show. One thing was that the same way that black black dudes go crazy to C-Murder's "Down 4 My Niggaz"...white girls go just as crazy to Lenny Kravitz' "Are You Gonna Go My Way." Or better yet, like the homie Mike from SMKA told me, "white girls go crazy to any song they can memorize." But shied, I can't front...I go crazy to that song mydamnself. Another thing I peeped is that free alcohol and loud ass music truly unites people from all races. This may not be new to any of ya'll, but it is to me, maybe I should get out more.

I also noticed that White boys are quick to buck on the police when they are drunk. This cop was telling this one fellow to keep it moving and he slapped his hands away and was like "don't touch me bro!" Well...that cop touched him in a major way and hemmed his ass up on the hood of the car something serious, on some ol' Arn Anderson shit. Buddy definitely smelled that cop's cologne. - (c) Pimp C

But yeah, Pill was supposed to perform at this show, but something happened and we wound up leaving. But before we left we saw Sophe Nix (featuring Sy High) and this dude Mike Posner perform. I'd heard buddy name before but nothing about him. Matter fact when people was asking what I was doing that night and I'd reply "going to the Pill show"...they'd be like "oh you mean the Mike Posner show"...."ummm, no?" Hell, I was actually sitting next to buddy for like 20 minutes and had absolutely no clue who he was. Not saying that if I did that I would make a Home Alone expression and be like "MIKE POSNER!"...but still, just saying.

Anyways, these Emory kids was going "gorilla orangutan shit" over dude when he hit the stage. When I started tweeting about him looking like the "white Drake" I got a few retweets and replies pretty much praising dude as the best thing since sliced bread.

I'll admit some of his songs were kinda jammin, especially the song in the above video, "Drug Dealer Girl." Ya'll check it out and let me know what you think.


Mofam said...

Hahaha great post!

The Villains said...

poignant. i must say.

M said...

god this guy makes me embarrassed to be caucasian.. fucking emory kids and their up north money and bmw's and range's.. of course they don't know who Pill is cause they are all retarded. sorry for the rant I hate emory kids. all of them