Friday, August 14, 2009

Young Dro Speaks on His P.O.L.O. Plans

Last week I caught up with Young Dro for a feature I'm doing on him for Ozone. We talked about everything from his current fascination with swagging and bowbow-ing and if he was aware that his core fanbase wants him to get back to rapping, for real for real. I'll be posting up a little bit of that stuff later, but ya'll gonna have to wait for the story to come out.

Anyways, if you've ever met or interviewed Dro, you know he's a character. You can ask dude one question and he's just gonna start talking and joking until you ask him to stop, which isn't a bad thing. It had been a minute since I actually chopped it up with Dro. I wrote his first ever interview/article back in '05 when "Shoulder Lean" was just starting to bubble in the clubs and on the radio (just realized I took the photo too, had to use hella aliases back then), but hadn't really sat down with dude at length since then. He's still the same Dro.

As for the music he let me hear, he's definitely snapping. I'm not all the way sure if he only played stuff that he knew I'd like or not, because I made it known I wasn't fond of the swag bow bow stuff like that. Either way, buddy was snapping on what I heard.

But yeah, this video is just a part of our sitdown. Here we talked about his obsession with Polo. In case you didn't know his upcoming album is titled P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once) All I asked him was if he wanted to follow in Tyson Beckford and who ever the two other Black dudes who've modeled Polo's footsteps...he pretty much took the question and ran, or galloped, with it.

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Why did u have to use aliases?