Thursday, August 13, 2009

Creative Loafing's "Got Hip Hop?" cover

[pictured: Amond Jackson, StaHHr, Boog Brown, Kalonji Changa, Khalilah Ali, Ekundayo, Taj Anwar, Mike Flo, Doll Daze, Rita J, Señor Kaos, and Kelly Love Jones]

Am I the only one noticing how Creative Loafing is really fugging with Hip Hop and Black folks period in Atlanta right now? There was a time when the only Black people that got on the cover of CL were criminals, crooked politicians or select Dungeon Family members. Now just within the last year or so they've had DJ Toomp, David Banner (still scratching my head on that one),Dax (RIP), Gucci Mane and now this callage of underground Hip Hop acts on the cover. Good stuff Rodney.

The story revolves around Food, Clothes, & Shelter: The Street Album that celebrates the 30-year anniversary of Black August. The homie Senor Kaos is front and center on the joint, good look man.

If you're not able to get your hands on a physical copy of the paper you can read online HERE.

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Señor Kaos said...


It's always good to see the Loaf showing some love to the OTHER side of Atlanta.

It's needed, without it, the good people of Atlanta will continue to not pay attention to a movement that I've been lucky to be apart of for 11 years.

It exists, It's Here. Don't get it twisted, a lot of people on that cover are doing some good thangs, NOT only in ATL, but AROUND THE WORLD!!!