Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sneak Peak: Goodie Mob promo shoot stills

Yesterday I got the honor of hanging out, er "working" with Goodie Mob at Chantrelle's (that was the secret location I was tweeting about). Motion Family is shooting some promo vids for the reunion show coming up on September 19th. With this shot in particular they recreated the Soul Food album cover.

The whole day was a pretty surreal experience, no one had any idea that they were going to come decked out in Adidias gear just like how they were on the Soul Food inside art work, but they did and it looked pretty cool. I had to take a picture with these dudes because hell, I happened to be damn near dressed like them. Enjoy a couple more pics after the jump.

Photos by Diwang Valdez

For all of those still in least let these pics reiterate that CEELO IS BACK IN THE GROUP. He will be performing on the 19th. The man told me himself. No okidokes people. Keep coming by for more info on the group and the show in the coming weeks.


Smitty said...

Man, I can't stop grinning at the sight of these man. These dudes were inspiration for me growing up in GA. It's still hope left for Hip Hop.

404 said...

I'm soooooooo looking forward to the show on the 19th.

Nice flicks.

Danielle said...

Great pics, can't wait for the reunion show next month!

I'm feeling the whole color coordination thing ya'll got going in that group picture you took with them.

CHICAGOrilla said...

Is that for CREATIVE LOAFING COVER? They came throught the store and bought all the red Superstar track suits we had left. LOL!