Friday, August 7, 2009

Mama's Mustache: The Album Before The Album

In case you haven't heard yet, Mr. DJ and Jeff B. (formerly of Co-Ed) have come together to form a new duo, Mama's Mustache. They've been hitting up select spots around the city here and there on the low...kinda on some calm before the storm type ish. But check out this pre-album they leaked out a couple days ago. I had the opportunity to hear the actual album album when I was in the studio with Pretty Ken and Jeff B. happened to come by one night. All I'll say is that it was 2am and it kept me wide awake. I mean, I don't get high, but it definitely had me feeling high. Its hard to put a label on what they're doing, but they like to call it "multi-purpose music" and that close enough for me. Anyways, this is the Album Before the Album. Check out and let me know what you think.

If you like to sample and taste here a couple Mama's Mustache tracks that have been floating around for a little bit.

Mama's Mustache-"Heavy Metal"

Mama's Mustache-"Job Hunting"

Also they, as well as Spree Wilson will be performing at the Leaders of the New Cool show at Lenny's on the 22nd.

LISTEN: Mama's Mustache-The Album Before the Album (via DatPiff)

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