Friday, August 21, 2009

Photos and Recap: Heineken Red Star Soul feat. Big Boi, Mickey Factz and Kevin Hart

Last night I fell through the Velvet Room for the first time (I DO NOT MESS WITH THAT PLACE AT ALL) for Heiniken's Red Star Soul concert series where you pretty much get to drink free Heiniken and hear good music. No complaints there. Anyway Mickey Facts and Big Boi were the featured performers and I must say I enjoyed both...

I never really got into Mickey's music but from what I heard tonight, I kinda mess with it. Dude was dancing, having a good time, the whole nine. Not comparing him to Kane, but it kinda reminded me of seeing BDK rap and dance at the same time, and do both of them well. Can't say the rest of the crowd felt the same way though. While he may have had a couple fans in the audience, it was obvious that alot of them didn't know who he was...which once again is because of Atlanta radio and DJ's failing to broaden the scope of music the play for "the masses."

As for Big Boi, you already know. Dude rips it everytime he hits the stage. And each time he does it get you more and more angrier with Dre. Not on no personal shit, but just like, damn dude? When you gonna join the party again? But yeah, Big Boi did his thing and even did a couple new tracks from the fie ass Sir Lucious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty album he let me hear earlier this week. As usual him and Blackowned C-Bone put on a good show together. But I ain't gonna lie, since Killer Mike was in the building too, I thought they might've brought him out to do the hook to "Kryptonite" but no haps.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Kevin Hart did a good job hosting the event and keeping everone laughing. He was giving some no-name rapper and his sunglasses wearing security guard the bizness for 7 minutes straight. I recorded it on my Flip cam, I'll put it up later though. He also got down for a minute when Big Boi did "B.O.B."

And oh yeah, I have to post this pic of Big Boi in his red Jordans. Ever since the Lucious Leftoot fiasco he makes sure I see that his footwork is proper. haha.

Over all the show was pretty good. While a couple of my friends (whaddup Kaos, I feel ya brah, believe me I do) got turned away because they didn't fit the dress code, it was still a pretty cool night. I got a chance to run into Janelle Monae who I haven't seen since forever and of course the homies from Hollyweerd and Kei of LLSC was in the building as well. You can peep the rest of the pictures I took here:

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FireBrand said...

The Dress codes HAVE to stop. It's stupid.