Monday, August 3, 2009

Pill Featured in New York Times

More Grind Time news today. The homie Pill was mentioned in the New York Times this past Sunday. This is a really good look for dude. He has upgraded from making the trap go fine roasted quail. Haha. Anyways read the article written by Jon Caramanica after the jump and peep the actual clipping as well. Shout out to Zach Wolfe on the photo and big up to Dax on the artwork in the background.

The video for “Trap Goin’ Ham,” by the sharp young rapper Pill, crackles with a refreshing and sometimes astonishing naturalism. Filmed in the Fourth Ward in Atlanta, teeming with substance-addled folks acting erratically, it’s the sort of document that was once de rigueur in hip-hop and now feels appealingly anachronistic.

“It’s goin’ ham sandwich/Sausage baloney meat,” Pill raps, running with the extended food imagery. (“Ham” means crazy.) “We got them yams, dammit/So pull up on the street.” With nervous synths echoing Young Jeezy’s “Trap or Die” and a yelping sample from “Drop” by the Pharcyde cycling throughout, “Trap Goin’ Ham” was one of the standout tracks on Pill’s mixtape “4180: The Prescription,” released in January with DJ Burn One. (The follow-up, “4075: The Refill,” is expected next month.)

Pill is a crisply enunciative rapper, and an unremittingly positive one too, an attitude that helps in an environment so dire: a behind-the-scenes account of the video shoot, available at the blog, details all the too-real moments left on the cutting room floor.

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