Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exclusive (Kinda?): Bobby Creekwater Leaves Shady/Aftermath Records

A week or two ago the homie Tai Saint-Louis hit me and asked me if I wanted to holler at Bobby Creekwater. I figured, shit why not, I fugg with dude. Then she told me he wanted to tell the world that he was leaving Shady/Aftermath and that I'd be the first to have it. Cool stuff. So I stopped by his new studio downtown to get the skinny.

But like I said, this was a week or two ago, the day before he took the stage at Lenny's to headline the Leaders of the New Cool show. Since then, my life and time had been in a whirlwind and never got the time to sit and edit this video. But here it is, finally. If you've already heard the news, good for you. If you assumed that Bobby had already left anyway, hey, smart guy you are. But if you had no idea of what was going on, hope you enjoy this video.

Shouts out to Bobby, Sol Messiah and the whole team. I hear they are killing their show dates in Japan right now.


Enigma said...

The bottom line is Eminem haven't dropped an official ablum in five years and 50's last album didn't go multi so Interscope is trimming the fat.

Баян said...

what's wrong with this label?

every1 must've figured out by now this is not the label to be excited about being signed to, or to be signed to period, artists just drown thea or bounce back right to whea they came from, this is an artists' cemetery