Monday, August 24, 2009

Goodie Mob x Khujo x Sept 19th

Here is the second promo spot for the Goodie Mob reunion show on September 19th. Crazy thing is, without me even knowing that this was the next spot to run...I was actually just on twitter last night talking about how Khujo had the hardest verse on "Fighting."

If you want to stay updated on the show keep stopping by here...or you can follow the twitter page dedicated to the show, Get your tickets HERE.

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Баян said...

not trying to come across as nosy, but what's the deal with this vid you removed the entire post wit it.
found the reference on a couple of other blogs but it's still the same source

southpeezy said...

@Баян shood man. im not really at liberty to talk about why i took it down, yet. i was asked to by one of the parties involved, for very understandable reason....haha, didnt mean to sound all Bush Administration-ish on ya, hahah.

Баян said...

got it

mane, that's ok, i'm used to it, you're talking to a former Soviet after all ))))))