Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Jam: Triple Six Mafia-"Where's Da Bud" (1996)

After hearing Tony Yayo completely desecrate this beat earlier today, I felt it was my duty as a Southerner to post the original, just because. Back when I was a chiefer this was one of my favorite songs to smoke to. Still sounds good to this day, to me at least.

Future note to New York rappers, stay off our shit if you're not going to at least attempt to make it better. All parties involved with that Yayo song should be adamnshamed of themselves.


404 said...


I was ridin 84 doo doo brown box chevy peanut butter guts fuckin bumpin this shit all through the Westside....the best side......damn....SMH.....MARRY ME??


U put a smile on my face wit that shit right there.

I C U................

Anonymous said...

Hey Maurice I'm not trying to step on your shoes but big ups to 36 mafia but that's not 36's song that's 8ball and mjg song back in 1989/90 before they got signed to suave house. It's called smokin chicken........ MEMPHIS TN STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY CITY. GO MEMPHIS TIGERS........ BIG UPS TO MAURICE GARLAND I LOVE YOUR BLOG HOMIE...... I WILL BE AT THE GOODIE CONCERT FRONT ROW.

BLVD said...

we we we wanna, that marijuana

Mr. Grand said...

Man....I needed for Tony Yayo to leave that one alone. I mean, I guess it's a good look that underground Memphis is even on a New Yorker's radar. However, they made that such a classic and Yayo didn't do it justice. Big ups for the original.