Friday, August 14, 2009

Spark Dawg-"Where There's A Spark There's A Flame"

Check out this new song from the homie Spark Dawg. Aside from being a cool dude, he's also one of the hottest rappers coming out of Texas, Killen to be exact. If his name sounds familiar you may know him from his time in Lil Scrappy's G's Up crew or more recently as a member of Scarface's group Green City.

Unfortunately he recently lost everything in a house fire and this song is a first-hand account of what happened and how he's feeling right now. Dude is in pretty good spirits right now in case you're wondering. But check for my dude though. He can really spit. I recently reviewed his Doin' What Ya'll Can't mixtape and its a pretty good listen.

Spark Dawg-"Where There's A Spark There's A Flame"


Danielle said...

I SWEAR I thought that was Chamillionaire *smh*.

Баян said...

i thought it was Rich Boy
sad story, sounds like he was negligent
one gotta be extra careful
kids don't play with fire