Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who Gives A F*ck?: Adam Lambert Is Gay

I don't watch American Idol regularly. I know a little bit about the show and some of its contestants over the years and I've enjoyed tuning in right in the middle of Simon Cowell rants, but I can't say its ever been prioritized viewing for me. Which could be a fault. I remember getting passed over on an internship at a paper in North Carolina because I didn't know who Kelly Clarkston was when the interviewer asked me "who won American Idol last week?" I think the only time I've paid any real attention to that show were on the finales when Ruben Studdard beat Gay Aiken and when Fantasia won. Other than that? Nah I can't tell you too much about it. I know that this season they added a judge, right? But I can't tell you shit else about what happened on the show this season. But guess what I do know? I know this dude on the cover of Rolling Stone is gay...

Do I know because I asked? No. Do I know because I've listened to one of his songs and heard him singing love notes to dudes? No. I just know because a big announcement and hub-bub is being made about him being on the cover of Rolling Stone where he apparently "comes out of the closet."

Again, I ask WHO GIVES A FUCK!?!

Does his gayness make his music sound better? I don't know, I've never listened to him. Does his gayness make me want to go listen to his music? Nah. Is his gayness going to make a few people out there want to go listen to his music? You know what, probably so. Which is the shit I'm talking about...

Why do (so many) gay folk feel the need to walk around with a t-shirt telling everybody. If you gay you gay dawg, so the fuck what man? That's the thing that be getting on my nerves, seems like these cats be being gay just to get attention. And for the record everybody that does shit to get attention gets on my nerves, not just the gay folks.

I guess you can look at it both ways. Why are people so bored and nosy that they care so much about someone's sexual orientation that they always have to ask "are you gay? are you gay? are you gay?" Who gives a damn? On the other side of that, why do folks feel the need to go around saying "I'm gay! I'm gay! I'm gay!" Like I said, if you gay you gay so the fuck what?

Right now I'm thinking, the only folks that NEED to be concerned about someones sexual orientation are women married to these slimeball "down-low" dudes. Until those cats stop lying to their wives and potentially putting their lives at risk, I don't wanna hear shit else about somebody "coming out the closet." Coming out of closet means that you're hiding something and you finally reveal it. Simply being gay and finally deciding to tell somebody (which always happens to be a magazine) is not "coming out the closet"...nigga you just coming outside with yo' shirt off...again, seeking attention.

I'm sorry, I just find stuff like this annoying. Who is making big deals out of gay people? Do gay people fly? Do gay people walk on water? If not, what's the big deal? Who cares? I used to think it was the far-right preachers who was making a big deal of gay people. But shied, really its the media and most gay folks themselves. Hell, I almost feel like a part of the problem for using this platform to rant on this subject. I guess the best way to not give a damn is to actually not give a damn, instead of writing about the damns you don't give.

As I've said before. I don't have anything against gay folks...I just don't like seeing "gay-ass shit." Adding to that, I don't have have a problem with gay folks...I have a problem with annoying folks. And stuff like this my friend, is annoying.

Oh yeah...what's up with American Idol mahfuggas that don't even win getting all the attention...for being gay? I heard this Adam Lambert dude didn't even win. I guess being a gay loser trumps being a straight winner nowadays. This seems like Gay Aiken all over again.


Chris said...

Yeah shawty,
I wasn't even trying to know this dude but soon as I click on MSN or Yahoo this nigga is coming out like I asked him to do so. Nigga I don't care about your coming out party I just wanted to know if N.Korea got the balls to end the world on a hum bug. How is it this lame nigga gets more coverage than a nigga saying I got the bomb and the balls to blow up the world? I guess dude in N.Korea is coming out of the closet with a BANG!!!

Баян said...

u know Maurice u's a pretty irritable type LOL
but yeah, totally agree
can't never understand all these pride parades
straights should march as well then

i guess this supposed to draw mo gays to the Idol contest LOL
maybe somebody just knows how to make some money off of this seminal act of pride and self-acceptance, that's why it's so publicized

Баян said...

as President Freeman was saying in an interview
'The reality is nobody really cares who you fuck with... Most people don’t really give a shit about that. You make good music, I can deal with that.'