Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This Wednesday: The Official Royal Flush Black & White Affair at Sambuca

Tomorrow the homies Rick and Jeron of Royal Flush are going to be hosting the third edition of their bi-weekly Mid Week Fixx at Sambuca and this week's theme is Black & White. If you haven't been to Sambuca yet, you're slipping. If you haven't been to the Mid Week Fixx yet, you're tripping. This definitely some player ish. Beautiful women and good drinks.

As always they will have live art and music on hand and this week they are featuring India Shawn and Scar who I'm expecting to represent as usual. If you can't see the fine print their asking everyone to wear Black & White and to leave the sneakers and athletic gear at home. They're also raising money for Sickle Cell which I think they do with the proceeds every week if I'm not mistaken.

I THINK they are charging at the door. Just warning all ya'll non-cash carrying folks out there. I'm not all the way sure, but hit them on twitter and see what's good.

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