Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Food Inc. movie trailer

See movies like this are the exact reason why I don't waste my money on horror flicks. Real life is scary enough, Y-N-D FUGG would I pay to see some heads get cut off when I hear about it on the news or experience scary shit like bills and gas prices on the daily? But yeah, this looks like its going to be like Sicko but about the food industry. Two key quotes you'll hear in this trailer:

Quote #1) A mother says: "sometimes you'll look at a vegetable and say, well, I can get two hamburgers for that same price."

Man...I feel her on that one. I eat a lot healthier now than I have in the past, but I still can't afford to be a vegetarian yet, I don't think. That lifestyle is expensive as hell. I was foolish enough to try it in college and failed miserably. You will die trying to do that shit if you can't afford it. And it don't taste good. Only person I've ever known to make that lifestyle look cool was my big brother Bill who was a damn chef when it came to veggies. He made veggie burgers taste like steak.

Quote #2) A farmer says: "people have got to start demanding good, wholesome food of us, and we'll deliver, I promise ya."

Giat dayum. Dude pretty much letting you know from jump that he cutting corners during the harvest. Damn buddy. I don't know if I would've went on camera and said all that.

But yeah, as usual, the movie is only being shown in New York, Los Angeles and San Fransisco...as if people in Detroit, Atlanta and Houston don't want/need to see this too. Could be a budget thing, but...I digress. Let's hope it ends up on the web somewhere though.

Shouts out to Nicole for the heads up on this.


Big Rome said...

I'll probably watch the movie, but it's not going to stop me from eating pork or chicken. I can't quit (c) Devin the Dude

Cash said...

It starts showing @ The Belcourt in Nashville on the 28th....

Баян said...

mane i live in a country several times poorer than the US, it even ain't suited for such eating habits and yet i'm a vegetarian
i lived in a more prosperous country where u have all manner of frozen stakes and schnitzel for vegetarians, so i doubt US lacks these
this frozen food may not necessarily amount to a healthy food, but i'm not in it for personal physical health anyway

just say u can't give up on some meat cuz it tastes good and you're too used to it LOL

Light & Love said...

Lookin forward to watching it...