Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rolling Out's Top 15 Most Underrated MC's of All Time

Rolling Out has compiled a list of who they think are the Top 15 Underrated 15 MC's of all time. As most lists are, this one is up for debate. But at least they explain the reasoning behind their choices and suggest what material to peep from these artist instead of just throwing letters and numbers on the screen.

CLICK HERE to see the presentation.


QuantumPeach said...

I agree with that list 98%. i don't really get down with E-40 but the rest of them are all right by me. I never really got into Queen Pen but I do wonder where Rah Digga is!

Mr.J said...

Even though Del belongs in this catagory he should not be in the top 10. From the West Quik, Casual, or MC Ren should be before Del.

Баян said...

i felt uneasy with this presentaion
i'm gonna question the use of the term "underrated" here
underrated by whom?
all these cats and ladies r established artists, well respected by they peers and hip hop heads alike
if underrated by record labels and mainstream audience, so what? LOL since when a hip hop artist is measured by his mainstream success?

underrated is somebody who's not getting enough recognition he/her deserves within the genre itself, and the listed personalities don't qualify for this definition

Баян said...

i prolly should've posted this on the referenced site, but fuck it LOL