Thursday, June 18, 2009

Killer Mike - "My City" x "Pay Up"

Killer Mike - "My City" [Damn near NO/DJ]
Prod. by Don Cannon

Salute to the big homie Greg Street for dropping his Greg Hustle mixtape off with me right quick. Its been out for a week but I'm assuming if you weren't at Club Primal last Tuesday (sup Nick) you didn't get this. If you did, well, good for you...

"My City" comes from the Grind Time/Grand Hustle side of things. Where this will land exactly, not sure, but its on the mixtape for right now. I must tell, quite honestly...this song is STR8 FIE!!!

Killer Mike - "Pay Up" [Damn near NO/DJ]
Prod. by Lil C aka C-Gutta

"Pay Up" is a song Mike originally recorded in Los Angeles when he and everybody else worthy of the "honor" was writing songs for Dr. Dre's Detox album. Since we all know that shit ain't ever coming out, a lot of folks are just saying fugg it and keeping the songs for theirdamnselves. This is one of those songs.

I'll upload the rest of the Greg Hustle mixtape for ya'll later tonight. I don't have access to a scanner right now and didn't want to just give ya'll a bunch of nameless songs...unless you want it that bad?

Until then, if you're a sneaker head, fall though Greg's Sneaker Friends event tonight at 595 North, doors open at 10pm. Might be giving away my extra ticket on Twitter later. Holla.


Designated_D said...

drop the tape

killa kill from tha ville!

Lunatic said...

Drop that tape asap!

ANU said...

Maurice, where's the tape ??????

Lunatic said...

where is the tape??

ANU said...

the tape is here :