Monday, June 8, 2009

Strictly 4 My N.E.G.U.S.

Just spotted this video over at TSS. Aw damn, I'm in tears right now. This kid is trying to spell "negus" which at one time was an Ethiopian word meaning "king."

I don't know what's funnier the part when they ask him to repeat it over and over again or when he just shakes his head and just blurts it out. As funny as the whole video is, what kills me is the looks on the faces of the three "negus" sitting behind the kid's parents. They don't know to be offended or happy he finally spelled the damn word.

Well, since the word actually does mean king, I guess we can learn to flip it like we do everything else. Especially since that whole Never Ignorant Gettin Goals Accomplished thing never quite caught on.


Wally Sparks said...

Ha! I see what you did there. I wonder if niggaz will even catch on..

Kyva said...

LOL I discussed "Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished" in one of my Sociology classes when I was in undergrad. My professor (who was white) was astounded. Funny vid!!

Баян said...

it's all cuz in english you never pronounce words as they sound in their original language
and never write as you hear

it should sound something like

but then we'd not have anyhting to laugh about