Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sneaker Friends '09: Greg Street Gives Away Two Pairs of Air Yeezys

Last Thursday Greg Street hosted the fourth edition of his Sneaker Friends event at 595 North. Overall the night was pretty good. DJ Jaycee had the party rocking from beginning to end. Some familiar faces from the sneaker community showed up as well as Andre 3000, Jason Geter, Mistah FAB, Dow Jones and Khujo Goodie to name a few. The night also had performances from Hollyweerd, Stanza, Mama's Mustache and Prynce. Some unfortunate circumstances have gone down since then that have prevented me from sharing the pictures I took at the event with you guys. But luckily I still caught some video of the event.

Even if you aren't a sneaker head like that, you know that the Nike Air Yeezys are a hot commodity right now. Greg was generous enough to make somebody's night (maybe year even) by giving away a couple pair after damn near everyone left and went home (or to the strip club). All he asked was that every dude who wore a size 9.5 to come up on stage and then...I'll let the video do the talking.

You have to see this dude's reaction when he finds out what he's won. It kinda reminded me of the Heineken commercial where the women are going crazy over the shoe closet while the men are going crazy over the beer closet...except here, the role is reversed.

UPDATE: I found the photos, view them here.

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