Thursday, September 4, 2008

Young Jeezy @ The Tabernacle

Shouts out to 5WPR and R.E. for getting a playa into the Young Jeezy show at The Tabernacle last night.

I know I'm guilty of taking little jabs at Jeezy here and there (who isn't) and never professed to being his biggest fan, but dude "puts on" one hell of a show. He's come a long way from the Trap Or Die days when a Jeezy show was pretty much a swordfight occupied by those illegal alphabet boys. But, when I saw dude last year for a show I was covering in North Carolina I had to give credit where credit was due. Dude has some hits!

In what seems to be the latest trend in Hip Hop shows (a good one at that) Jeezy came out with a live band donning black bandanas and those "My President Is Black" tshirts. They did their thing and really breathed new life into the songs that they did.

[vid courtesy of Bem Joiner]

But for some reason, even with all of that going on, the person I kept noticing on stage was this older guy who kept walking back and forth.

What he was doing, I have no clue, but by the end of the night, I just assumed that Jeezy now had his own version of Farnsworth Bentley. Except, this dude doesn't dance or hold Jeezy's umbrella. Instead, he pre-puffs his blunts, swirls his drinks and holds his sunglasses for him. Weird. But hey, like he said, its a Recession and people need work. Kudos for subtracting from the unemployment rate.

Halfway through the set though, I was getting kinda antsy. Dude was doing all of his "hits" he hadn't touched any of the Trap Or Die material. I could feel others feeling the same way when cats in the back (the "suburban" kids took up most of the space up front) started sucking their teeth and yelling "got damn, do some street shit, you bullshittin'." Seemingly right after that was said..."I'm the realest nigga in it..."

As you can see, during this part of the show Jeezy brought out Olympic Medalists Walter Dix and Angelo Taylor to show them "niggas" some love. Being as how Jeezy never called them cats by name, he probably had no clue who they were. He probably wasn't the only one. Seems like if your name wasn't Michael Phelps or you didn't play on the Basketball team, you were a nobody.

I had some more video of the show, but apparently my camera and computer don't want to get along right now (my bad R.E.). So I'm borrowing some footage from the homie Bem Joiner (you don't mind do ya brah?).

I also wanted to share some pics I took and get your feedback on them (Shannon that means you, haha).


Dollarado Jae said...

The photography was dope homebwoi ..nice and rich color saturation. man you had a gang of video clips.. i usual get skimpy on how much concert footage I shoot and post on, but sh** I might as well load'em up next go round.. That was a hell of a show.. I feel like I was in the ATL today.. Nice job bro bro..

a-towndown said...

Nigga been real since day one...missed tha show tho...The recession jammin str8 up.

Eyez said...

Get It In Mo.
dope photo set. didnt know you was nice behind the lense like that.

Janee TMB said...

Cosign Jae -- the photos are dope.

Monk said...

You got some really dope shots...I'm mad that I missed this concert.

I can understand why some folks don't like Jeezy's music, but I have much respect for the dude. His 'hits' serve its purpose and I've been diggin' the music when he was Lil' J.

Good coverage of the show!!

michael said...

Jeezy came to cleveland and dude do got hits. And that same guy was there lighting the blunts mixing the drink and i was wondering the same the thing. The true definition of "WEEDCARRIER"

Баян said...

imma start calling Jeezy "samurai" with that bullet proof west, slanted eyes and bandana hanging around the head he looks very much like one LOL