Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre Video Commentary

By now you should have heard Killer Mike's latest Massacre, "The Devil Is A Lie." Well, to compound the effect of the songs message here is some video commentary captured after his performance at Fuggin Awesome this past Saturday. Whether you're a rapper or a rap fan, after watching this you have to ask yourself...are you an agent?

Shout out to UNN


Chris said...

Yeah Shawty,

That nigga Scarface said it the best " Sending Black Folks in White Coats to Infiltrate our Congregation"

Nick Love said...

Killer Mike is SO OFFICIAL!!! It's always refreshing to hear the truth within an industry full of liars.

Mike's only issue is that he doesn't have the platform that the more "popular" rappers have. If he was as commercially successful as the Jeezy's, TI's, Wayne's, Jay-Z's, etc, his message would reach so many more people and he could affect change on a bigger level.

Go Mike!!!

Muh'fuggin D Damnit!! said...

Let me start off by saying this - the masses PUSHED ME TO THIS POINT. Maurice, its all love homie, I just gotta get some shit off my chest. RIP PIMP C

If you don't own Pledge I and II, and you call yourself a hip-hop fan, then you don't deserve the air you breathe or the ground you walk on. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE PUBLIC? Y'all faggots must have just liked Tupac because of the way he looked, because if you loved what he said and what he stood for than i wouldn't have to be ranting on blogs about respecting Killer.

He IS the BIGGIE of our time! When it comes to REAL dope stories and street knowledge, he's THAT dude, and he is also a modern ice cube who refuses to sit down, tone it down, and start doing children's movies. Unlike you other rappers and fans out there with no spine, we will do this whether rich or poor, old or young, because we will always subscribe to the truth. The devil is a MOTHERFUCKING LIE. Did you not hear that? All these motherfuckers are LYING TO YOU! You choose to shit on the dude's really invested in the community and the streets. Name another rapper who gives wisdom to young dope-boys on the block during the days, eats lunch with Joseph Lowery, and at night gives the cracker ass power structure hell from behind the mic? NONE. You know why, because they are scared to risk their commercial success. They are too busy doing yoga with russel simmons and sticking shit in their ass in Clive Davis' office. Fuck outta here. Ya'll motherfuckers is pussy and bitch-made. Hold your nuts for a change.

And by the way - we LIVE AND DIE BY THIS. You should know if you live by the truth, then the government is already watching you and plotting to kill you. That means we ain't scared to die on behalf of living a truthful existence. We, therefore, mimic people like Dr. King, Malcolm, and even Barack Obama - these are people who were or are not afraid to die on behalf of the truth, and if they're willing to do it, then at least you can hold your nuts and support them for it. If not, you dont deserve a place on this earth. God have mercy on the weak.


*Blog Ladi* said...

@ muh'fuggin d damnit!!:

Dollarado Jae said...

ok im addicted to this Killer Mike shit now... He's the TRUTH!