Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grand Hustling @

On Wednesday Yung LA shot the video for the remix to his song "Ain't I" featuring Young Dro & T.I., which is jammin like mahfuggah by the way. When this shit comes on you just gotta move, for real. Nothing crazy, just a cool little sway.

While I was there I got some pics of the shoot, but before I get to those...

I caught up with Big Kuntry during one of the breaks and chopped it up with him for a couple seconds. He said it was cool to ask him a couple things on I asked about why his album is dropping on the same day as T.I.'s, what's up with that "cheeseburger" album cover and he spoke about the "for the ladies" songs that's been coming out. I fuck with Kuntry, hope everything works out with the album. I heard the album a while ago and it sounded pretty straight, unfortunately though, based off what I'm seeing on the tracklisting, the jammin'est song on the album ("Afraid of Heights") ain't on there. Damn.

But yeah, here are some pics of the shoot. The vid is being directed by Flyy Kai, the same guy who just directed the last two T.I. videos "What Up"...

...and "Swing Ya Rag"...which I heard was canned because Louis Vutton threatened to sue, but later got cleared. Once again, let me know what you think of the pics...I'm trying to get better at it.

Peep some more shots over at Ozone.

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