Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Call In For Troy Davis

Just in case you haven't heard about this case, Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed tonight at 7pm for his involvement in a 1991 cop killing. He was found guilty for murder but since then 7 of the 9 witness in the case have recanted their testimony saying they were pressured and threatened by police. No murder weapon was ever found. There was no DNA or physical evidence against Mr. Davis. More than enough reasonable doubt. Georgia has refused to reopen the case after the witnesses recanted, saying "it would cost too much."

Although things are looking bleak, its still not too late to fight for Mr. Davis if you believe that this is wrong. You can call 404.656.5712, the Georgia Board of Pardons, and simply say "I'm calling to ask for clemency for Troy Davis."

I did it and got through on the first try. Some folks are saying that the line is busy now, but keep trying. If you can't get through, send up a prayer.

UPDATE: Call this number instead...(404)657-9350

UPDATE 2: Troy Davis granted stay of execution.

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bp said...

i got through on the first try. Some cracka or nigga that thank he a cracka said he'd convey my message to the board. Pray for this brotha's life.