Monday, September 15, 2008

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre V: "The Devil Is A Lie"

Killer Mike holds his tongue for no one, resulting in many people to think he is simply "dissing" somebody when he speaks the truth. Mike doesn't make petty "diss" records, he simply attacks spirits of stupidity, ignorance and fake shit.

On the fifth installment of the Sunday Morning Massacre, "The Devil Is A Lie" Mike appropriately borrows Young Jeezy's "My President Is Black" beat and speaks on everything from no jobs in Detroit birthing the Big Meech's of the world, why Clinton did more to destroy Black people than Bush did and some well deserved bragging about how your favorite rappers love to borrow from him.

I'll leave it up to you to develop your own thoughts about the song, or we can talk about it in the comments.

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre V: "The Devil Is A Lie"


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

him a jezzy love the black usa flags i see

southpeezy said...

yeah...but Mike's flags is more than just a Black USA flag...his has skulls & crossbones to represent for those who ain't hear no more while the bars represent for the political prisoners...and its also tattered...his flag has meaning, it ain't just a fly little photoshop job.

all props to Kast on the Stankonia cover at the end of the day though

urbannewsnetwork said...

Love it!

YaBoy Po said...

man that shit is hard real talk lol ima kast stan so i been down with mike since day one and niggas never give dude his props on none of the shit he do when he beeeen doing it and lacing niggas with game loooong before all these other flim flam ass atlanta niggas

William Lee said...

killer is really going in. just finished the song. He is speaking the truth 100%. As a 24 year old college student Michael Render speaks to ME as a man. IPATGII gets me to school and work everyday. I own two of them and i work out to the other one. Dropping knowledge that everyone needs is a service that should be supported.

boi-dan said...

#4 was wack and didn't tie points together well; however, this one is the sh!t, I was hopin' for a second verse, but the talking made up for it.

They should have mike speak and the Ozone awards and make these f*ck niggas squirm in their seats

Muh'fuggin D Damnit!! said...

Naw fuck that shit shawty for real.... killer is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper to watch, in the sense that they watch him, steal his incredible insight, become jealous of his talent, and run with it like they created it or some shit. for the record - FUCK ALL Y'ALL - somebody gotta take up where Pimp C (RIP, the best ever) left off. these CLOWNS are phony, fake, and biting like a motherfucker. its unreal to me just how truly trend setting killer is without getting his proper respect. Everybody being politically correct gon' make me go the fuck off. OUR FLAG MEANS SOMETHING. WE LIVE AND DIE BY THIS SHIT. That means, we do whats right and represent whats real even when it aint popular or selling. We have had the flag for YEARS before Jeezy wanted to go from Mr. 17-5 to a political and social commentator. Mike said RAP is DEAD 3 years before Nas was so "revolutionary." Man fuck this shit - fuck all y'all hip hop fans for real - if you can't see the forest for the trees, then you can eat shit and die for all i give a fuck. i have truly gotten over the fact that hip-hop listeners aint nothin but closet fags, hos, and bitch made pussys. And if you aint, hold your nuts, stand up for something, and demand the REAL in the marketplace. The listeners determine the destiny of the music - they are the buying public.

if you gotta problem with how I feel then see about me - folks know who i am and where i hang, so if they gotta problem then a fight go wit that (RIP PIMP)

shoutout to TRAE, one of the only other real ones out there right now.

Q said...

I think Killa kill almost always go hard and then spit some knowledge(i.e this) but to be honest as a fan of his work I was a bit disapointed with the last album to me it was Okay but Killer Mike is better than okay, and I just want him to be able to make a hit single keep spitting that story ish and make a classic LP like I expect him to. So I hope that next album is the one.