Friday, September 5, 2008

Smoking With Ice Cube

The fellas over at The Smoking Section scored a 8:51 second interview with Ice Cube and I must say its better than some 2-page articles I've seen written on him. Video works wonders for journalism. I remember at my first gig it was common for them to want you to randomly interview someone for 8-10 minutes and build a story out of that, covers even. Yeah, it made me more effective in certain situations, but damn!

With video, you can skip past trying to paint a picture with your words and just get to it. All of the quotes are direct and need no attributions. Plus, it makes the viewer feel like you are sitting right there with the subject, which is what most writers try to accomplish anyway.

But yeah, peep the video as Cube speaks on how Bill Clinton's years in office helped dilute the power of rap music and why independent is the way to go.

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