Monday, September 22, 2008

E-40 feat. Turf Talk-"Got Rich Twice"

40 Water emailed this to me late Friday, but yeah...I kinda BS'ed around on posting it because hell, I figured folks wasn't gonna be checking for any REZIDUE on a Friday night or over a good weekend of football. But here it is fresh for you on Monday morning.

I heard alot of complaining about 40's last album, saying he was getting away from what he was known for. Not sure what album they heard, because the one I heard was dope. I think he did a good job of balancing that Yay Area game spitting with the Southern/Commercial appeal Lil Jon brought to the table.

From the sounds of this song, 40 is going all the way Bay this time around. Vintage 40.


Баян said...

the track is solid, like 40's flow

n i hate when West imitates South, Bay Area is guilty of that in particular
u were on top long before the South, u got ya own sound, why emulate? stay and do u, what u known for
i don't hate East for that cause at some point they had an identity crisis and got caught up in jactation searching for a new one

Anonymous said...

yeah but don't forget the bay area has a lot of ties to the south. If you go to a city like Oakland, a good number of those folks have lived in the south or have immediate family members down there.

They have their own flavor but theres a lot of similarities.

Burn One said...

40's last album was one of the better albums to come out last year. I don't know what expectations people had for it but it had some really dope records.

boi-dan said...

damn you know 40 eh?

must be nice.