Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bow Wow vs Game: Sept. 5th!!!

As you know, the Konsole Kingz started this drama. Now Konsole Kingz will bring this to a close as they host the Bow Wow vs. Game Madden Challenge this Friday, September 5th at a secret location.

Here are the rules the fellas will be playing under:
5 min quarters
Fatigue On
Injures On

I'm putting my money on the youngster...and even more money on that I think Game will be the sorest loser since John McEnroe.

Check out the official website Bow Wow vs. The Game for more info later.

Shout out to the KKZ!


Smoove said...

lol @ Game "being the sorest loser since John McEnroe".

that wouldn't surprise me much.

Brian 'Bdot' Rulloda said...

wow, bow wow is about to be dawged. i think hes lucky theres no 21 skunk rule. lol at one point this man game was ranked top 5 in the nation in madden.