Friday, May 30, 2008

Go Jaguars!

Well, looks like someone else got crunk on my birthday. Last Friday, on the last day of school, a student and teacher at Stephenson High School got in squabble. Another student in the class (which happened to be the in-house suspension class) caught the whole thing on her camera phone.

First off, I think I spent the last days of my 11th grade year in in-house suspension, so I know how tense that kind of environment can be. You ready to settle every beef you had with every teacher. I myself had extra incentive to go crazy since I knew I wasn't going to be going to that school next year anyway. But, I chose to use at least some of the home training I had left and chill out.

But damn, these kids today are off the chain. Back when I was in school, sure, I had teachers I hated. The most I ever did was cuss at a couple of them, I never thought about actually putting hands on them. But I guess that's a thing of the past now.

Channel 2 ACTION (how appropriate)News has the story and video at their site. I know its wrong, but I'm laughing at this one. Shows that my Redan is a much more illustrious institution than Stephenson. I mean for crying out loud, Stephenson is the same school that Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy and Trillville shot their "Neva Eva" video at. How appropriate and ironic is it that the opening to this video is almost a carbon copy to the actually fight footage. Crunk 101 is obviously the best class going there. {snickers}

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Nadine G. said...

LMAO. I heard about that crazy shit the other day. Seriously, it really isn't funny. My daughter will be at Stephenson in 11 years, if we stay in the neighborhood. I thought Lithonia was the 'burbs.