Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dwele Album Preview

This is a pretty dope idea. First time I've seen this. Dwele has his album preview in the form of a youtube video so that people like me and you can go listen and them post them up on blogs. Very user friendly for the folks who still don't know how to download zshare links and stuff.

As far as the music is concerned, its the same ol' Dwele. Which is good and bad. Its hard to not like his stuff because most of it is easy on the ears and grooves. But, my main gripe about his albums is that they always sound like ONE LONG ASS SONG. I went to a Dwele show a couple times, and both times the show was over before I knew it because most of the songs sounded alike. Outside of "Find A Way" I just thought he was doing extended remixes of the same 2 songs.

Hold up, this song that starts at the 4:40 mark is kinda dope, and different for him. Anyways, listen for yourself and enjoy.

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bp said...

yeah vh1 soul does something similiar sometimes playing the music with photo collages of the artist in the background. btw who is dwele? lol