Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Alfamega feat. Busta Rhymes-"Head Banger"

Alfamega feat. Busta Rhymes-"Head Banger"

This joint got emailed to me when was out eating lunch. Can't say that I'm a Alfamega fan like that, but he does interest me. Dude snaps when he wants to, and I tend to believe most if not all of the shit that he raps about. I've heard that he's crazy for real but every time I've met him, he's been cool.

Funny shit, I wrote a less than favorable review about that In The Streetz Pt. 4 album that came and went with the quickness for Ozone a while back. I was told that review pissed a couple people at Grand Hustle off.

I said something in particular about 'Mega's song and his publicist informed me that he wanted to meet me and "talk about it." I can't remember what I said, but I don't remember calling the shit wack, I think I just said the song was good but could have been great with a couple alterations.

So, one night I'm out at an event and his publicist told me that he was in the building and he heard that I was there too and that he was "looking for me." Bless her heart, but she told me that shit like was supposed to be like "oh no!" We wound up running into each other and he wasn't tripping. He just wanted clarification on some of the words I used to describe the song because he wasn't absolutely sure what they meant. I explained that they weren't scathing remarks, if anything they were encouraging words. He understood, offered me a beer and we threw one back at the bar. Cool.

But, the one thing that did have me worried about this big ass nigga was the fact that it felt like he followed me out of the club and shit that night. Come to find out he just happened to park in the same lot as me. He asked what I was about to get into and said I should follow him to the after hours spot for more drinks. I declined, that nigga was probably trying to throw me in the trunk {just playing}.

Speaking of which, this song kinda reminds me of "Neva Scared." What do you think? Only thing missing is a T.I. verse. Judging from what happened the last time a song with Tip, Busta and Mega dropped, it might not be a good look.


Kim said...

Need some clarification on the whole "Publicist" thing. I don't recall this interaction and I've been representing him for a year and 1/2 now.....

Anonymous said...

busta rhymes snaps. he gotta be one of the most underrated dudes in the business.

other than that, this shit is not bumpin. coolio reused those strings once-- and that was enough. the song sounds dated.

Monk said...

"Hurt"? Hands Down...One Of The Greatest, Most Slept-On Videos Of Last Year!! LOL!!

And I'm not just being biased.

Senor Kaos said...

HAHAHA Funny Story homie! This is why cats be writing all these biased ass reviews talking bout albums are good when there really not! Critics done got shook to tell the truth. We appreciate you keeping it real, and we hope you dont get put in nobodies trunk for doing so!