Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lost In The 80s

With the Lakers and Celtics set to play in the NBA Finals, my suspicions have finally been confirmed. We are officially stuck back into the 80s.

Really though, look at it:

***A George Bush is in the White House.

***1980's Movies are being remade.


Indiana Jones

G.I. Joe (yes, that is Marlon Wayans)

***Rappers Sounding and Dressing Like This.

The Cool Kids

Life The Great

***Drug Epidemics

Seeing that Doug Collins will be coaching the Chicago Bulls again, I'm predicting that the 1980's rehash will continue. I just hope good shit than bad comes back. Because something tells me when they finally get around to bringing Starter jackets back out, niggas are gonna go back to shooting for them. I also hope they keep mindless gang violence in the closet too, no need to bring that back. Oh yeah, they can also keep Jheri curls. Even though I had a couple pair of "Burger Kings" back in the day, I can't say I'm hyped about seeing them return either. Nintendo's (Wii) are back hot again, so that must mean that Atari is about to come back too.

Some of the things I hope to see return are:

$1.50 for gas
.75 cents to ride Marta
Berry Blue Kool Aid
Hawks in the Playoffs Semi-Finals
An influx of Intelligent Rap Music
Me not having to pay bills

What do ya'll think?


YaBoy Po said...

nigga i remember when marta was 75 cents i rode for free back then but still 75 cents whoooo shit i remember hoppin the rails before all this zero tolerance breeze nonsense those were the days

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...


R.E. said...

The '80s were the shit!

DP said...

This was churcher than a muvv. I am formally requesting permission to run on my page. full creit issued, of course

DP said...

*spell check*

creit = credit

Vee (Scratch) said...

I saw this over at DP site.

I expect Jeb Bush's son George Prescott Bush to make a play for politics in the future. And let's not forget, he's half-Mexican. So there's a possibility of another George Bush in the White House. G.P. Bush already spoke at one Republican National Convention.

This is a killa post. Eventually this hipster nostalgic crap will be gone.

The straight tight jeans came from the 70's!!

Marlon Wayans must have a REAL GOOD AGENT.

Antonio Starr said...

Microphone check 1,2...That's a good look on the Life The Great reference, but I want you all to know that that album "The Ultrasound" is available for FREE download from here
or here

The album isn't a gimmick 80's record either. It is part of a trilogy of albums we are doing on our journey to do our part in bringing Hip Hop back. Listen to the album and you will see....IT'S DOPE, FRESH, COLD and any other adjective used in the golden era.

big ups Maurice...