Monday, May 12, 2008

Morehouse Has Open Doors

If Morehouse is ready for a White valedictorian, surely America is ready for a Black president.



4 Cryin Out Loud said...

Black people have always been more willing to accept whites into our institutions, homes, culture, neighborhoods, etc. than whites ever were. For black folk, it's validating that white people would even be interested in being accepted or dabbling in "our" world. Can't help but think that's the case with Morehouse. It's sad, really.

That said, Barack will have a helluva time getting mainstream acceptance come November.

mike Belgrove said...

Juan over at Highbrid Nation put me on to thewhite valedictorian of Morehouse story. Seems like a lot of people are upset. Lol, some people didn't even know white people were allowed to attend Morehouse. Honestly my opinion is that this is good for race relations. If us black people wanted to be fully embraced in American culture, we have to fully embrace the rest of America in ours.