Monday, May 12, 2008

Uh Oh

While I was up working and eshopping waaaaaaaaay past my bed time, I thought I'd check my myspace right quick before I took it on in to the bed. Started clicking around and stumbled across Josh Smith's myspace page. Can't say that I know buddy like that, but when I do see him, he does at least remember me from when I used to cover the Hawks. His profile is set to private and I was about to send a friend request on some "whats up, good job, looking forward to next year" shit, but then I peeped his $tatu$ me$$age. Its clear what he's out for and judging from his rumblings over the season about not being offered an extension...this off-season will be very interesting. Billy Knight who drafted him out of high school just resigned and Coach Woodson who has had a few headbutts with Josh is still here and quite possibly bought himself more time after this year's playoff performance.

"Good Josh" who blocks, rebounds, commits to defense and passes the ball is worth a pretty penny. "Bad Josh" who likes to snag the defensive rebound then dribble the length of the court and get stripped, shoot ill advised 3-pointers and act like he doesn't know what a point guard is worth a $3 bill.

I'd really hate to see dude leave, but I understand that this is a business. But damn thought. I hope things work out in our favor.

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Anonymous said...

yeah you cant blame him for trying to get that max money... however, ive been arguing with myself recently to see if we should pay him the damn money and re-sign him and im gonna go with yes... i was hoping for a new coach to mold him a little better but now it doesnt seem that woodson is leaving. If we dont re-sign him that leaves a big defensive hole.. he just needs to get play better offense ya know..