Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Ain't Goin' Nowhere....

No, I don't mean that in the "you haters can't take me down" type way...I mean literally, I ain't going nowhere. Have you seen these crazy ass gas prices??? Of course you have. This is some bullshit. I like to go out, but damn, living in Decatur, unless I'm hitting up Chit Chat or Scores or something, shit is really a hassle. At the top of the year it only cost me about $40 to fill up. Now, that shit up damn near $20. Shit, these clubs and other spots need to start coming down off their admission and drink prices just to show appreciation to muthafuckas spending that much money just to get there. I mean, one of the good things about living in Atlanta and the South period was that you didn't have to catch a cab to get around. But now, you might as well. Everytime you hop in your car its like you're spending a dollar a mile to get to wherever you're going.

Another reason I'm not going out anymore is because of this crazy ass gun bill the State of Georgia just passed. Governor Sonny Purdue powered through a bill making it A-O-K to pack heat at the park, in restaurants that serve liquor as well on public transportation vehicles. Meaning, that you can tote your pistol where you damn well please as well as you got a permit.

He and the other people that voted on this bill feel that tragedies such as school shootings can be prevented if everyone is armed at all times.

I'm kinda back and forth on guns. One part of me says that we all should have the right to have guns as long as the police have guns, we have the right to defend ourselves from them. The other side of me feels that the best way to cut back on violence is to eliminate guns altogether. I mean, as long as they are on the street, people are going to keep shooting them.

So, knowing that gas prices are outrageous and that niggas gonna be having guns up in the club give me absolutely incentive to go out. That kinda sucks, my birthday is on Friday.

What do you think?


CoCo said...

I agree with you! I ain't going nowhere either! LOL As far as guns, I basically feel like either everyone needs one or no one needs one. I don't have one btw, but now that ignant ass folks get to carry them, I might need to reconsider!

YaBoy Po said...

Mg I feel if you black with no felonies you needb a gun or you're a sucker and bitch I ride the marta

Monk said...

I'm not with the everybody packin' but it seems like that's the day and age we're living in right now. As far as gas, dawg I'm spending like $100 every 8-10 days...and I don't really go anywhere as it is. Crazy times...

boogienights said...

if no one had weapons-- including the police, no one would get shot. since we know that ain't gonna happen, and the police get off (both before and after) on shooting black folk... i think i'll be purchasing another 380.

then again, like michael moore brought out so eloquently in bowling for columbine, it's not necessarily the guns that are causing all the destruction-- it's the fact that americans are drenched in a culture of fear.

as for gas... i've never been happier with my red sport neon.

FireBrand said...

Happy birthday!!!

Here's my two cents on the guns: if guns were outlawed tomorrow, do you think thugs would stop carrying?

Probrably not.

Chances are that the gun used to gun-down innocents isn't legal anyway. I highly doubt that any person responsible enough to first buy a legal gun, and secondly get a license to carry is going to then use their gun in a public place.

It is possible, though. Might not be plausible.

And yes, Gas prices are OUT. OF. CONTROL. I hate it for folk that need to drive everyday.

we use transit as much as possible 'round these parts and it STILL hurts.