Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I-20-"Down South"

I like I-20. I think he's a decent rapper. I enjoy some of his stuff. He makes cool songs. But, I can't say that I'd just sit or ride to his stuff like that. Its probably the voice. Dude has skills and above average wordplay, but that voice man, it gets irritating to listen to after while. Which is why he probably sounds a lot better when he's doing cameos or joints that have featured artists on there with him. Listening to a full song of just him can be a task sometimes.

Funny, a few years ago when I was at The Source awards, when I-20's first single "Break Bread" came out my dude Ali said that I-20 was an appropriate name for dude because when he starts rapping your attention speeeeeeeeeds past his verse onto Luda's hook. That's foul, but its funny.

But, but fugg it, I-20's from Decatur (obviously) and reps it hard. I run into him at Kroger and South Dekalb Mall every once in a while, so he really be out here. So I got to show him love.

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