Monday, May 5, 2008

A Friendly Reminder

When someone emailed me this earlier today, I couldn't look at it because I was on my blackberry, not my computer. Plus, I was out at Chapel Hill Middle School talking to some 8th graders.

But when I finally got back in front a computer to peep this clip, it reminded me of what I hated about riding MARTA, crazy ass mah fuggas!

For the last month or so, I've been vowing to get back on MARTA because of these outrageous gas prices. But, the fact that its starting to heat up outside and hardly any of the places I frequent right now rest right off the train line make it a hassle.

It has nothing to do with me feeling better than the train, no shame here. Anybody and everybody that knows me knows that when I was having car problems here and there, I'd hop my ass on MARTA in a second. Hell, it served as my personal limo for many years. Hell, I've seriously been considering just riding it for the hell of it every once in while just to see whats going on in these streets. Riding MARTA is how I stayed up on what was going on and what was new. Its how I found out about what music was popular, it how I kept up, er, noticed new fashion trends. A lot of times, riding MARTA is what inspired some of my best writing and blogging.

But, seeing clips like the one above reminded me of what I didn't like about MARTA. I didn't mind the homeless people asking for money, I didn't mind the rush hour crowds. It was loud, ignorant folks like the one above that made angry that I couldn't just drive away.

When I looked at this, I couldn't even laugh. This shit is actually quite sad. This young woman is obviously on some type of drug. And seeing how she accused someone on the train of raping her, lets you know that she really needs help. After saying that, I almost feel bad for calling her ignorant and loud earlier in this post, but it is what it is.

Crazy thing is, they were pulling into East Lake station. For as long as I could remember, crazy mah fuggas always seem to either get on or get off there. On the Eastside line, from Indian Creek up to Decatur Station, folks act sensible for the most part. But from East Lake to Five Points and on into the Westside, people just get loonier and loonier. Anyone thats from here knows just how accurate the patrons on the East-West MARTA line represents the people from that given area.


FireBrand said...

Yeah, that kind of stuff happens from TIME to TIME, but it's certainly not the rule. I ride MARTA nearly everyday. I used to ride it every day for a period of about 5 years. I hate driving.

I love transit. If MARTA was 24hrs, I would sell my car.

Having said that, when I first saw this clip earlier today I was so disgusted I just closed the broswer window and walked away from the computer. Horrid.

Had I been there, I would have said something.

Eyez said...

Without Further Ado...I Present To You..

The Epic.



Eyez said...

yea....on full view that shit aint even funny.

i hate seeing that girl strung out there like that...4real.

CoCo said...

That's disturbing on so many levels

jacinta said...

i saw this on another blog earlier and refused to watch it. you know how i feel about watching "funny" clips-- a waste of 3-5 minutes of my day. plus "funny" clips about marta are bound to be depressing- because while firebrand pointed out that it's not the norm, as a person who used to ride the hell outta marta-- through the HOOD-- it happens enough, dammit.

like, this isn't amusing in any way, shape or form. it's so, so sad. makes me wonder if the girl had actually been raped at some point-- maybe that's part of the reason she's on drugs.

YaBoy Po said...

that's life man marta always been crazy i got tons of clips of me and my niggas fuckin folks up on marta when we were in high school smacking white folks and bums smoking on empty carts my nigga fucked a hoe in one of the empty conductor booths crazy man lol what you expect its the only place where people of all walks of life congregate willingly like it or not

you seen the blind white homeless guy?
tongueless preacher?
guy screaming hey! help me out im homeless?
random so called deaf folks with signs?
and the dvds socks hot flicks that make you go woooow guy?

mc shit said...

Yeah this shit is sad it makes me happy I don't go to high school anymore. We had nicer black girls in the northside though, those m to m girls could beat up most dudes. Fuck a marta, i hate it,