Friday, March 21, 2008

You Don't Be Takin' Care of Your Kids, HA?

So, on top of getting that Outkast email yesterday...I saw some other randomness go down. Me and R.E. were riding out to the A3C yesterday and he got a phone call. I wasn't paying attention because it wasn't my business, but he told me what was up. He was explaining to me about how Joy Deleston, the mother of two who was gunned down, along with her two young daughters by her 17-year old son was a relative of his. As you may already know, one of the daughters was the child of Juvenile.

Anyways, R.E. told me that another relative, who is currently incarcerated got in contact with him, wishing to air out Juvenile for not taking care of his child in a proper manner. If you're unaware, the whole Juvenile-child saga has been in the news for some years now. I first heard of it when he was scheduled to come down to my alma mater, Fort Valley State for a show but didn't make it because he had a warrant for his arrest and was pulled over in Macon. The warrant was over unpaid child support.

Well, R.E.'s relative wrote him a letter voicing his displeasure about the whole situation. In case you didn't know, Juve didn't attend the little girl's funeral because he said he didn't want it to become a press opp with cameras flashing. But, this letter (and the jovial look on Juve's face at a show the same day as the funeral) looks to be painting a different story.

I mean, I don't want to pass judgment on dude. I know plenty of guys who have children with women they wish they hadn't and I know that "it just be like that sometimes." But, at the same time, this looks very foul on Juve's part. From what the letter is saying, it sounds like he pretty much denounced his daughter's existence all together. But, read the letter for yourself and develop your opinions from there.


Janice aka Miss Mad News said...

Deciding to not attend your daughter's funeral, but turning up to perform at a show, and then the after party on the same day, definitely wasn't a good look.

However his rep was quick to release a statement explaining Juve's absence... Juve attended the show because of his contractual obligations and the money he received will go to the Jelani Memorial Fund....

Upon reading that explanation... I laughed out loud!

We don't believe you Juve, you need more people!

Nadine G. said...

That's so foul. I hate hearing about things like this. It was like, he had more than enough opportunities to be in his daughter's life and he, apparently chose not to be. Now she's gone and never got a chance to know her daddy. It's shameful.

Regardless of whether or not he wanted anything to do with the mother, that was his baby girl, he should've been there, at least to say, "Hey. I'm your daddy."

Mc dave said...

It sucks that Juve ignored his girl like that. That shit's not fair. Dude needs to learn that everything isn't black and white and sometimes you gotta conform to the grey areas. Dickhead, (But he still was my favorite rapper growing up besides P Miller, and the title of this post made me laugh harderenamuhfucker)

clyde said...

r.i.p to the entire fam,
its crazy when shit like that what was wrong with duke?
everyone is talking bout juve cuz we can identify his name but the story is duke killed his entire effin fam....thats foul....thats some shit i read on (white) PEOPLE MAGAZINE or see on C(aucasians) N(ot) N(iggas) but never seen that shit in our community

FireBrand said...