Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Call me cruel, but I am {this} close to buying one of those shirts. I'd hate to have to do that because I'm a pretty giving, encouraging and helping guy for the most part. But got damn, these folks in Atlanta be BEGGING!

Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm better than anyone and I understand that I could be a few checks and a missed prayer away from being on the street, especially in this economy, but got damn, that begging shit just get on your nerves now.

I used to be that guy (and occasional sucker) that would just give folks out on the street some change or money because deep down, I really believed that they needed the help. Plus, I believe in the whole if you give you will get twice back thing. But, over the last few years of living here, I've grown to realize that we just got a city of careers beggars. Really, not even that, just a city full of sorry ass mah fuggas who just think its cool to ask for shit all the got damn time.

Last night I was walking out of Wal Mart after stocking up on some medicine, tea and other things to help me battle this hay fever cold thing I got going right now. As I'm going to my car, this dude creeps up in a Ford Explorer. At this point, I'm thinking this dude is about to either ask something of me or take something from me. He starts talking and he's like: "hey, brotha...I was wondering if you could "help" me. I just put my last $2.50 in my gas tank and I'm on E. I'm not going to make it home."

Now, the nice guy in me gave the dude a couple dollars to match that bullshit $2.50 he was talking about. The tired-as-hell-of-this-shit guy in me straight up told him: "brah, if thats the case don't you need to be AT THE GAS STATION asking for help, why are you driving around in the Wal Mart parking lot wasting gas?!?"

Am I being mean for thinking that this nigga was just going around trying to beg for money? Because that's what it felt like. If I was down to my last dollar and needed gas, nigga, I'm gonna be at the fucking gas station...I mean, thats where the money AND gas is, aint it?

That reminded me of another time, also dealing with gas. I was walking out of the cigar bar one know, doing "research" for this story I was writing on at the time. The bar is in one of the newer gentrified areas of the city where everything is a loft. Its down there around where Usher's restaurant is. Anyways, I'm walking out and from about 30 feet I could see a shadow standing on the corner. Now, I hate to sound like a conclusion-jumper but, a nigga standing on the corner, in the cold, in a nice neighborhood usually ain't waiting on a taxi.

So, I have to walk past dude to get to where I'm parked. Of course, he starts talking...opens with the "i was wondering if you could..." line. Here's how the conversation when.

Dude: I was wondering if you could help me.

Me: With what?

Dude: I'm not from around here. Me, my wife, my kids and my mother drove down here from Kentucky. I ran out of gas about 10 blocks away from here. The ATM machine took my card so I can't get any money to get gas. My family is in the car right now. I had to leave them behind so I could go out and try and find away to get back on the road. And I was wondering if you could help me.

Me: So what are you asking me?

Dude: For help?

Me: What kind of help?

Dude: Anything you can do to help?

Me: Like what, what are you asking me?

Dude: Are you driving?

Me: Yeah.

Dude: Well, I'll give you the title to my car and $500 if you can help me. I've been standing out here for an hour waiting on this guy who said he was going to help me, and he never came back. He said he was gonna run to the ATM and help me with some money, but he never came back. They said that this is a nice part of town with nice people and I was just looking for someone to help me out.

Me: Ok. So...what are you asking me?

Dude: For help.

Me: A ride? Money? What are you asking me for?

Dude: Cmon brotha. I don't mean to bother you, I'm just trying to get home. My family is freezing in the car.

Me: Ok.

Dude: So can you help me?

Me: DUDE! I'm trying to see if I can, what are you asking me for!

Dude: Well. I heard there is an ATM machine around the corner. I was wondering if you could let me hold few dollars and then take me back to my car.

Me: Got damn nigga...

Dude: I know man...

Me: So, you still gonna give me the title your car and $500? Why aren't you using the $500 for gas?

Dude: Well, because its in my account and remember the ATM took my card.

Me: So where are you parked?

Dude: Down by the hospital.

Me: Thats far as hell dude.

Dude: I know, but, if thats too far, we can just go to the ATM I was talking about.

Me: Oh really?

I'll end it there but, know that I was tipsy and thats the only reason I even entertained that shit for that long...I guess I needed a laugh. But, this nigga left his "family" ten blocks away, isn't from here but knows where the best ATMs are and once again, needs gas, but isn't at the gas station...cmon now. Then this nigga was giving me directions to where his "family" was using streets that even I didn't know could get me there..."im not from here," nigga please. When I walked off on his ass, he had the gall to say "man, I thought Atlanta people were nice." Whatever dude.

The begging in Atlanta is so out of control that I don't even like going certain places anymore. Mainly Slice on Peters St. Them niggas are out of control. I remember one night I was talking to an old friend outside, he was sitting in his car. A dude came up and interrupted our conversation with that "excuse me brotha, I..." shit. We shut him down and told him we were talking...but he didn't leave, he just stood on the wall and waited for us to finish. Then, a second dude came and stood next to him. Then a third dude came a stood on the corner. I mean, damn...are these niggas about to rob us?

So after we finished talking, one by one these niggas came up begging. One wanted something to eat, but he didn't want me to actually get him something to eat, he wanted the money to get something to eat...riiiiiight. The other dude just came out and said "im out here fucked up, i dont even be out here begging like that everyday, i just need some help." His face went cold when I told him "nigga, i just gave some money yesterday, yes, you do be out here everyday." The third dude asked me if I wanted to hear some poetry. I told him no because he came at me with that line last month, and the poem was wack and I wasn't going to pay him again for that shit.

Sorry if I'm sounding mean, but damn, that shit is getting crazy. I mean, I tend to keep my car clean and I'm not a club I don't need my car washed or my flyers handed out...but, if I did, I'd give them money for that if they offered. At least they offering a service. But shied, I don't even see alot of them anymore. These new niggas just beg for the sport.

They be doing shit like standing in parking spots talking about "$5 to park here, I'll watch it for you" like its their lot or they actually gonna do something if someone messes with my car, shied, its yo ass that needs be getting watched.

I can't be the only person that feels this way. I mean, I still "help" some of these folks out if it feels like they really genuinely need it. Unfortunately, I'm not Jesus so I don't know how to gauge if these folks be lying or not, but, I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at determining if I'm being hustled or not. I understand that employment and homelessness is a problem not to be made fun of, but man, some of these folks out here just lazy people man. They don't want to "help" themselves.

I wish I could find my Ready To Die CD, so I can just start blasting "The What" and turn up the hook when ever these cats come around.


Nick Love said...

Yo, you know Slice is my FAVORITE restaurant in the world but DAMN!!! Them dudes over there with that "I'll watch your car" shit is the fucking WORST!!! That area over by Apache Cafe and the Varsity is crazy too. Them folks is NEVER too proud to beg.

FireBrand said...

y'all just don't know the universal ATL leave me alone slang.

It's "I aint got it". You have to shrug with it.

and before they say the next sentence say it again "I aint got it".

Then you good. That particular person will never bother you again.

It's tried and true.

Monk said...

Yo, the worst is when you give them something and they ask for MORE. What part of the game is that!?!?

southpeezy said...

oh shit...i forgot one, this has got to be the dude (in front of slice) came up on me asking for money and i gave him the "i aint got it" shrug as Firebrand pointed out...this fool said "yeah, i know yall dont be carring cash like that think you can hit the ATM?" nigga what!?! these folks know whats in your pockets more than you do now....

CoCo said...

To make a long story short, this dude asked me for some money to get something to eat because he hadn't eaten in days. I only had $3 cash on me cuz I don't carry cash, but whatever. Anyway I gave it to him and he stood out there rambling on about something and being hungry and etc. So I was like well take that $3 and go get you something to eat. Dude looked at me and said " I can't get no $4.99 chicken dinner with $3. All I could do was laugh. I wrote something similar to this a while back Peezy.

2DamTrill said...

Real Muffugin talk!!!!!
Them Slice niggs are off the chain wit it, let me watch yo car, can I get a .. HELL NO... That I aint got it slang does work, but you gotta look the dude in the eye with that, Don't ask me again nigga look...
We're always at The City of Ink chillin' (a few blocks from Slice)and those dudes come tappin on the door all the time beggin.. WTF!
Like MJG said, It's plenty floors to be swept and plenty leaves to be raked nigga!