Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blinds Have All The Fun

I mean got damn brah, newly-appointed New York Governor David Patterson has led a busy life hasn't he? Much props to dude for making it from Brooklyn to the Governor's office without even being able to see the path he's walked. But shit, this dude is doing alot.

In case you haven't heard, in attempts to avoid the scrutiny that his successor Elliot Spitzor (and Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick) have been receiving in lieu of their sex scandals...Patterson figured it would be a good idea to just put his past out in the open. You know, like how Obama did when he admitted to VIBE that he'd punched a white boy at a basketball game and that he partook in dank, drank and crank when he was in high school.

Well, first Patterson told the media that yes, he's cheated on his wife. More than once. Okay, no big deal I guess.

Then, today he admitted that yes, he's done drugs. More than once.

I mean yeah, no one is perfect. But got damn buddy. I don't know if I want to hear anymore. I know he's a politician, but shit, he can keep somethings to himself. Lord knows what else this man has to reveal.

But, kudos to him for living his life I guess. I don't know any blind people personally, I've only met two blind people in my life. One was Stevie Wonder and the other was some rapper in Macon, Georgia. And yes, in case you are wondering, he went by FBR...First Blind Rapper.

I was ignorant, literally blind to the fact that blind people could live extraordinary lives until I saw Ray for the first time. But even then I was still like, "man, thats one in a million." But I guess I'm wrong...blind niggas be doing the damn thang.

Let me close by asking this, and I'm not trying to be funny or rude. But I mean, with Stevie and Ray, okay, they were entertainers. So yeah, thats all good. But damn, how a blind dude get to be Governor? Don't they have to sign bills into law and shit? And you're not going to convince me that they are printing up thousands of braile pages just for him...something don't look right.


Nadine G. said...

LOL! You're horrible. Honestly though, I thought that same thing like, "How's he signing bills and stuff?" and I figured they probably will print braille copies out for him. What the hell makes you think of this stuff? LOL.

FireBrand said...

lol. you too much.

d frank said...

You're telling me there's a blind dude in macon who rapped before Rob Quest?

2DamTrill said...

Actually Broh he's "legallyBlind" which means he can see, but not that well, he prolly got special glasses and stuff, and is not allowed to drive... he can see some stuff tho...