Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Boi f/ Andre 3000 & Raekwon - "Royal Flush"

Its days like this where those damn iPhone commercials really make me feel like I need the internet in my pocket. My homie Jeron Ward of Royal Flush told me he was gonna email me some new new new new exclusive Outkast shit he produced. He kept his word. But, when he emailed it I was at the A3C festival enjoying the Wale/Jeru/Little Brother/Del show.

By the time I got back to a computer the song had made its way from Atlanta radio up to DC radio where Noz got his hands on it.

Well, I got the CDQ version of the track for you guys to download. Peep it out.

Big Boi f/ Andre 3000 & Raewkon - "Royal Flush"


Mr. Papagiorgio said...

oh boy, this feels nostalgic!

props to them boys for taking me back!

Anonymous said...

Lovin it!

Eyez said...

I See you My Boy!

clyde said...

i just creamed my damn pants!

JBoogie said...

Yeah, buddy... This JAMS! Really like how Big Boi went back to '98 on 'em w/ the flow. He should think about doing that more often.

clyde said...

anywho my guy southpeezy beat me to it! so all do thank to him for this gem!!!!
"all the kids got new nintendos/wiis" what! dre is still the hardest

shout out to you run this shit on good friday

i posted that shit on my blog, but all shouts to you

clyde said...

Andre 3000 verse...took me a lil minute to write the whole thing out

styles will change
they say change is dange
as a king standing on the terrace
while his partner pointing up at the rifle men
coward shooter
never know when your life will end
live like there is aint no morrow
and if one come then diss the moto
now i put message in bottle
you go to the nearest beach and open up your car do'
and walk to the place where the sea meets the land
its easier to run the street
than walk in the sand
hey Im talking young man
as if chalk in my hand
I will take ya'll little ass to school
It's cool when the kids call me Sunny
the hood calls me Stacks
the bees call me Honey,
hollywood calls be Back
Crack and I have a lot in common
we both come up in the eighties and we keep the Base pumpin
thats a nega
tive comparison
that if you come up fortunate the street consider you lame
i thought the name of the game
was to have a better life
i guess it aint
what a shame
I don't slang
never slung
but Im one with the slum
that has a name
well fitting
plenty cheese get in
no wonder why they call it a trap
so watch your tail
and Im not kidding
the rats and mice
will give advice
they say you can paint and draw
get outta here
show them that we're more than slanging raw
thats when i broke into my big rube impression
and i try to enlighten
but I learn a lesson
that the morals that you think you got
go out the window
when all the other kids are fresh and they
got new nintendos
and your child is down on her knees
praying hard upto GOD
begging for a whooper with cheese
do you
hit the street hard with a flare
or do you
go to school for heating and air
**** nigga under 7
but make a crooked killing
or do a little bit of both
until you holding onto a million
you got one foot in
one foot out
you put your left foot back in
and then you shake it all about
you do the hokey pokey
till u turn ur life around
thats what its all about
3000 out

Anonymous said...