Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hate That I Missed This

Fuggin Awesome is one of the many, well not many, underground shows in the A that showcases some the dopest and coolest music in the city. I got a chance to go the the first one and really enjoyed myself. They're held at the Drunken Unicorn which probably has the cheapest drinks in town. It gets smoky as hell in there, but its still cool. The environment really makes you feel like you are witnessing history every time you go.

Well, I missed the one they had this weekend because I was at the A3C (Chris Rock, Jannelle Money, Van Hunt...damn, alot of shit was going on on Saturday). But here is some video and pics of what went down courtesy of The Hydrilla. I heard the shit was crunk and it damn sure looked like it.


Yelawolf, Gangsta Pill (from Grind Time) & Suntoucher


FireBrand said...

I went there after A3C. The shit was off the chain. The women were fine as hell too. My Gog.

david said...

Saw a flyer for the Yelawolf show. Wish I went that shit looks like a lot of fun.