Monday, March 10, 2008

B*tch Please!

I haven't voiced alot of opinions on this blog about this presidential election. I guess I spend so much time talking about amongst my family and friends that I never think to post alot about it. But, you should know that I'm rolling with Obama (and yeah, its because he's Black). But besides that, I really think that dude has some of the answers we need in this country. Everybody talking about this "dream ticket" stuff, really, I would have liked to see Obama and Huckabee join forces, dude had some dope ideas.

Anyways, I wanted to do a post about two things that's been on my mind lately and it seemed like the stars have aligned for me to do so.

First. I had another one of my random YouTube flashback moments. I'm sure you've had them too. You know, when you go on YouTube and just look up old ass music videos, SNL skits, interviews or sports highlights. Well, for some reason I'd gotten the urge to look up some old Xzibit videos, man, that nigga was a beast! I always thought dude was dope, but I never just waved the flag for dude like that. But, I just started remembering that I pretty much liked everything dude ever put out up until maybe 2005 or so. It really made wonder what the hell happened? I mean, you used to be able to turn on your television or radio and hear songs like "Front2Back" and "What U See Is What U Get." Just raw shit, not that "for the club" or "for the ladies" shit.

The second thing on my mind pertains to the election. Me and my brother actually got into a brief argument with our parents about them choosing to support Hillary instead of Obama a few months ago. I'm glad to say that since then they have come to their senses. I'm hoping that the rest of the country does too. Hilary ain't about shit and she proves it in her tactics.

Her latest example is how she's been going around talking that mess about her and Obama being a "dream ticket." She's trying to put out the notion that Obama (who is winning) should bow out and be satisfied with being vice-president. Now, just for comic relief, I used to agree with Chris Rock. You know, when he said no brotha should try to be the First Black President because it would be hell. Instead, he said that the brotha should run for VP and just hire some niggas to assassinate the Prez so that he could take over.

But now, nah, I'd really like to see Obama win the whole thing. Plus, how does Hillary come of her face and say this right after declaring that Obama isn't fit to be the president, yet.

Well, I don't really have say much more about it because earlier today Obama went off in a speech, pretty much saying "Bitch please!"

So, keeping in that context, I am sending Hillary a YouTube tribute courtesy of Xzibit and Snoop Dogg.

"Bitch Please"...Hillary's arms are too short to slapbox with Obama...fall back in line, breezy.


Andrea said...


Chris said...

I'm voting for Obama yeah I said. Not just because he's black even though everyone of African Descent should vote for Obama because come on man "He's the Black President" and if whites can milk our country out of trillions of dollars . Sheed niggas know how to get by being broke lol but that's neither here nor there. Hillary Clinton in a bitter woman she was made a fool in front the whole world and I think she's going to make everybody pay for it. On top of that she's a bitter WHITE woman did anybody see "RoseWood" one White woman destroyed a town all by herself because she was embarrassed. What you think she can do to a nation. Just Food for thought!!! Please scrap the plate!!!!

Murray Media Music Presents George Tisdale said...

I am down with Obama too...I wouldn't have expected nothing less from "Billary" than to try to convince US black folk that the best thing for good ol Obama is to be her running mate. Hear me clearly... (as she says all the time) these are typical Clinton tactics of persuasion...DON"T FALL FOR THIS @ISH!!! Them damn Clintons think they are smarter than everyone else and they think we are just gonna believe everything they say...we ain't as dumb as we think...Bill we KNOW you had RELATIONS with THAT WOMAN!!!! Hillary We KNOW that your ass ain't gonna be answering no phones at 3am!!! I really hate that HO!!!! YES I SAID IT!!!!! I hate that HO!!!

Nick Love said...

Yo, I was wondering if anyone had peeped this reverse psychology shit Hilary was pulling. How in the world does the person in SECOND place tell the cat that's winning to fall back and be number 2?? Why?? For what?? I'm winning BITCH!!! If anything, YOU should be trying to make friends with ME so YOU can be vice-prez. LOL

Monk said...

Fuck Billary!!

Great choice of song and video!! This is that Gangsta Rap that i miss so dearly...