Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mos Def Comedy Jam

Judging from the last few years of his career, it seems like we should expect to hear Mos Def on everything but an album. Regardless, he's still entertaining, even when he doesn't mean to be. Check out this trio of hilarious vids on KarmaLoopTV of the Mighty Mos speaking on...

Obama > Clinton

Mike Vick

Roger Clemens


CoCo said...

That Roger Clemens video is hilarious!

Nick Love said...

LOL!!! Is Mos drunk or is he always this wild??

CRUNKITE said...

*dead* @ his commentary on W's lack of geography knowledge.

"it's fuckin ridiculous.... it's completely fuckin unacceptable."

That sounds like some shit I would say. LMAO.

clyde said...

Mos is the truth!