Thursday, March 27, 2008

Courtroom Crunkness!

Aight so, I'm out riding today, running errands, handling business. I keep getting phone calls and text messages with folks asking "ay, you going down to the courthouse?" Of course, I respond with "for what?" And they all would respond as if I was silly with "T.I. nigga!"

Excuse me. I didn't know that the T.I. sentencing was the place to be. Please forgive me. Its not that I don't care about dude going to prison or not, because I actually do. But, I've never thought of the courthouse to be a popular place to hang. Every time I've been to one, the outcome was never good.

Since when was seeing a dude going to the big house the event of the day? I mean, I know I'm in "the media" so folks was probably assuming I'd be there for whatever reason, but really...thats some shit I'd just leave to Monica Kauffman and John Pruitt. I could see if there was some kind of fuckery going down where T.I. was being treated unfairly or being framed for something he didn't do. But shit, he got caught breaking the law. Yeah, its messed up that his bodyguard baited him into the sting, but it was T.I. that set the stage for it. Whats the use in going down there? To witness a piece of history? I think not.

Now, to all my folks that went down there today to work on assignment, aight cool. But man, I just found it pretty corny for folks to be talking about the courthouse hearing like it was a damn Braves game. Folks talking about "man, you missed it, everybody was here!" No the hell they weren't. Crazy, I actually had to drive by there today on my way somewhere. Mah fuggas was outside camped out and shit like they waiting for U2 tickets....fuggouttaheeere.

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